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Boxes for confectionery

When you see on store shelves exquisitely made boxes for cakes, it seems that the product inside is not less attractive than the packaging! As people meet on clothes, and original opinion on products are often formed on the box, so do not underestimate the product packaging. With beautiful packaging for candy and other products can increase sales by making their goods noticeable. Especially if the product is purchased as a gift: in this case, its appearance will be even more important.

Cartons for cakes and other confectionery products can be any color, size and configuration. Square, round or rectangular, cylindrical, domed or other non-standard shape

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Packaging made of micro

Cardboard - solid sheet or web-shaped material having a thickness of 0.3 to 5 mm, like paper produced from the pulp. Raw material for the production of cardboard are mainly wood pulp, hemicellulose, unbleached pulp, waste paper. Also used are synthetic and mineral fibers. Microcorrugated - a three-layer corrugated cardboard thickness from 1.5 to 1.8 mm profile "E", which is due to the smaller thickness than the corrugated profile "B" and "C" and…

We produce three-layer corrugated sheet profile "B" and C "

We produce three-layer corrugated sheet profile "B" and C " Three-layer corrugated brand: Three-layer - K / D T-21 T-22 T-23 T-24 T-25 The maximum sheet width 2200 (uncut sheet). Profile height "B" - ranges from 2.2 - 3,3mm. Height profile "C" - ranges from 3.5 - 4.4 Depends from further processing of the sheet (manufacturing products) decreases the height of corrugated cardboard. Three-layer corrugated cardboard

We produce packaging for pizza. Pizza boxes Diameter 440mm

We produce packaging for pizza. Pizza boxes Diameter 440mm Packaging offer any diameter pizza. This box can be 250 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, 420 mm, 450 mm and larger diameters. The individual development box. We offer all sizes of packages and any design, depending on customer preferences. Experienced designers develop the design that would make the box as much as possible attractive and memorable. Quality pizza boxes - a guarantee of…

Requirements for food packaging

The first important barrier properties paperboard, i.e. resistance to moisture and fat. To protect against their effects laminated cardboard packaging food. Following this procedure, it has a glossy surface and resistance to steam, grease, water permeability. To wrap attracted the attention of the buyer, on its surface coated images and inscriptions using offset printing. Significantly increases the competitiveness of products and custom of the…

Electronics Packaging

Modern electronics is very diverse, the same variety of different and packing for her. In packaging for electronics at the forefront of protective functions: to expensive equipment disastrous environmental effects and mechanical effects during transportation and storage, and the box should minimize the possibility of damage to the goods. Design is also important. Most often when you make packaging for electronics used sleek design, where the…

We produce boxes of alcoholic beverages

We produce boxes of alcoholic beverages Usually uses the standard four-valve box of corrugated board (the brand T-20 and T-25) or double-wall corrugated board (the brand P-30 to P-35), depending on the functional load on the box. Additional accessories: lattices bulkhead gasket shells

Boxes for Peach

Boxes for Peach Boxes for Peach - are used for transportation, as long, and at close range, depending on the type of corrugated cardboard. The higher the grade of corrugated cardboard cartons better withstand stacking load (the box on the box). Minimum party supplies corrugated packaging 1000pcs. one species. Please note that, in the manufacture of corrugated packaging circulation ordered party may fluctuate in a big way by about 50 - 300 pcs.…

We produce boxes greyboards

We produce boxes greyboards Boxes greyboards We can offer you the manufacture of boxes of cellulose or greyboards. Packaging made of cardboard not surprisingly, many years remains at the peak of popularity. The combination of functionality and aesthetics, affordability, reliability and environmental friendliness make the package of the most common type of cardboard packaging. And the possibility of a bright unusual design carton will give your…

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