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Packing for confectionery products

Packing for confectionery products made of corrugated cardboard

confectionery trays

cardboard pastry trays

confectionery trays

confectionery trays from the manufacturer

of corrugated cardboard packaging for confectionery products

cardboard packaging for confectionery products

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Packaging for confectionery products - cardboard

Packing for confectionery products, as a rule, is a Confectionery Wrapping type chutes - an open, with no top or lid cartons made of corrugated board. Confectionery Wrapping type chutes are made of micro-corrugated cardboard thickness of 1.5-2 mm. or 3-ply corrugated thickness of 3 or 4 mm., with a white or brown surface layer.
Structurally, the pastry trays are usually samosbornye, that is assembled without the use of assistive devices, staples, glue or tape.

Confectionery corrugated tray is often used for packaging of confectionery and bakery products transported in bulk.

Currently represented by many kinds of corrugated boxes and Corrugated tray. For transportation and preservation of mild foods, confections exemplary embodiment considered low Wrapping type chutes open. After all, they are the perfect solution for storing and transportation of fruits, vegetables, cans and bottles.
Samosbornye Wrapping type chutes are perfect packaging for confectionery products. Made of micro-corrugated cardboard or corrugated board, may have different samosbornuyu system. On each side of the package has a horizontal board varies with capacity, reliability, durability.
Another undoubted merit, whom boast Wrapping type chutes - it is their low cost, especially when compared with other types of packaging. But cost is not the only readily available, what should pay attention. In addition it should be noted and excellent performance characteristics Corrugated tray. Regardless of the outer fragility, Wrapping type chutes are reliable, durable, solid to withstand the load.

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Confectionery tray

Our plant produces confectionery trays (screen, TV) of corrugated board, T20, T21, T22, T23, T23 profiles "B" "C" "E" brown and white. All products are manufactured under the order of any complexity and configuration. Also be applied to print your company logo on the cardboard products.

The company produces Kerbos Wrapping type chutes pastry made of corrugated cardboard white and brown color with the possibility of flexographic printing on corrugated tray confectionary up to 4 colors. All pastry trays are made of corrugated cardboard with a starch adhesive, which allows the use of such confectionery trays corrugated board during transport and storage of food. Large resource base allows us to produce confectionery trays made of corrugated cardboard in the shortest time. In the production of confectionery trays necessary to use stamps. Depending on the intended use of certain Corrugated tray designed stamps designs. Standard corrugated tray - "TV"
In the production of confectionery trays used three-layer corrugated cardboard different brands, depending on the distance transportation of products and weight confectionery selected a certain brand of corrugated cardboard for the production of pastry tray.

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