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Food packaging

Food packaging made of corrugated cardboard

production of packaging for products

cardboard packaging for products

manufacture of corrugated packaging for products

production of cardboard packaging for food products

corrugated board packaging for the food

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Food packaging - cardboard

In the manufacture of cardboard packaging for food products, special attention should be paid to safety and environmental materials.
Corrugated cardboard as a material made of paper material best meets this requirement. In addition, our company produces three-layer corrugated sheet and five-layer white and brown color with starch adhesive, which makes corrugated packaging of such safe during transport and storage of food.

The purpose of using cardboard and paper packaging for food security is considered food by fur-ray and thermal action, precipitation, bio and other destructive factors. Note the importance of carton packaging for food products with the logistic position: its use allows to make the products desired shape and size, to facilitate rigging and transportation, makes possible quantitative and qualitative sorting.
The main advantages of carton packaging for food - its environmental friendliness. Cardboard, coming into contact with any product during transportation and storage, it does not emit harmful to human health products. From this position of cardboard and paper packaging fits all claims industry guests than in many respects determined by its highest popularity.
It is impossible not to note is the superiority of corrugated cardboard as its relatively low weight (the property becomes especially noticeable when compared, for example, with packaging made of glass or plastic). Ease has weighty significance not only for manufacturers and representatives of motor and trading companies, but also for end-consumers of goods supply.

Company "Kerbos" produces packaging for food products.

When designing the packaging for these industries, the company is the purpose to protect and improve the quality of products. Thanks to our packaging, perishable goods can be delivered without damage and benefit consumers in the best possible condition.

Our company provides all kinds of services related to the production of packaging made of cardboard and corrugated cardboard. A complete range of production of boxes, trays and other cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard and cardboard at your service in our company.

Produced by our company range of high quality packaging in direct contact with food, provides freshness and protection products and, at the same time, meets all applicable regulatory requirements relating to food hygiene.

Cardboard packaging (corrugated) for food products is a guarantee of safe transport through the use of high-quality corrugated board. Refers to those corrugated packaging materials, for which demand is very high. The popularity of this material and its products is determined primarily by environmental safety and the possibility of recycling. Furthermore, has corrugated ease ductility sufficient strength, which is essential qualities for packaging various products.

Gorfrokarton widely used for packaging various types of products, including as the packaging for the products. It is a cheap, practical and lightweight material, some species of which, depending on the composition and the number of layers can not even as strong as a tree. He is hygienic and safe, chemically neutral and has little likelihood of reactions, eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. Using cardboard food packaging - it is an opportunity to reduce the cost of the goods, to exhort transportation.

High standards of quality control of incoming raw materials as well as of products enable us to produce packaging for a large group of food. We have a certificate of conformity and quality certificate, which ensure that our products meet a single sanitary - epidemiological and hygienic requirements for packaging.

Popular box made of micro, designed to transport flour and other confectionery (sweets, cakes, biscuits, cakes). These boxes are made in the form of trays without a lid, thus opening up the products on display to visitors and representing "good person." That is, a potential buyer can evaluate products in appearance.

Depending on the type of products and their features using different containers, which are used to their demands. The most difficult packaging for the product is considered to be packaging for frozen products: semi-finished products, berries, fruits, vegetables, ice cream. It must be resistant to low temperatures, high moisture resistance, good strength and stiffness. To produce this kind of food packaging generally uses a multilayer corrugated board, specially treated for water repellency in combination with polyethylene. Cardboard packaging is also used for the portion packaging for cereals, confectionery and bakery products, tea, coffee, sugar, spices, etc..

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