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Corrugated tray SAMOSBORNYE

Corrugated tray of corrugated cardboard SAMOSBORNYE

Corrugated tray production samosbornyh

manufacture of corrugated cardboard Corrugated tray samosbornyh

Corrugated tray manufacturers

Wrapping type chutes from the manufacturer

Wrapping type chutes made of corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard trays and trays

samosbornye trays made of corrugated cardboard from the manufacturer

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Corrugated tray

Samosbornye Wrapping type chutes are made by cutting using shtantsform (stamps). Harvesting of the finished product is performed by a special sewing pattern that collects samosbornye Wrapping type chutes without glue and staples.
Samosbornye Wrapping type chutes are now considered one of the more relevant types of containers. Wrapping type chutes in appearance is from a box made of corrugated cardboard, although the lack of cover c and low walls.

Wrapping type chutes Samosbornye considered to be extremely comfortable and practical form of packaging in terms of operation, as to get the right product, it is not necessary to disclose the cover.

Wrapping type chutes are made of sturdy samosbornye corrugated cardboard texture with a different plane. Outside board smooth and inside - ribbed. Specifically ribbing allows the inner layer to ensure the safety of the product in Corrugated tray with the help of easing, mute shock. Wrapping type chutes used including for products with a fairly great weight. To improve the fortress Corrugated tray, corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes used in this situation several layers of cardboard.
Wrapping type chutes samosbornye used for packing fruits and vegetables. Can be made of three-layer or double-wall corrugated board. When using a five-layer corrugated cardboard corrugated stands increased strength. The distinctive features of Corrugated tray for fruit and vegetables may include the presence of vents on the side faces of the package.

Samosbornye corrugated boxes are used in various areas requiring the use of a presentable kind of package or high shipping container. Samozborny cartons ideal for transportation and distribution of your product all over Ukraine and CIS countries. Production of packaging for individual sizes of the customer - the perfect way to get a product that will perfectly fit for your products. Product design is arranged so that it enables repeated opening and closing without damage. In the manufacture of corrugated packaging samosbornoy necessary to use special cutting die, by which creates a "silhouette" of the future of the box. Stamp (shtantsform) must be ordered separately, it is made within a few days. Given the characteristics of samosbornoy packaging, this type of packaging is made exclusively to order.

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Wrapping type chutes

Size: custom
Exterior Color: Brown / White - by order
Cardboard: under the order (microcorrugated, three-ply corrugated cardboard, corrugated board)
Stacking load: depending on the brand of cardboard
Cooler: Depending on the type of cardboard yes / no
Printing: custom depending on circulation

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