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Corrugated cardboard

LLC produces Kerbos

different types of corrugated board

Dual Layer | three-layer | Double-double | Double-double

Three-layer corrugated cardboard

five-layer corrugated cardboard

seven-layer corrugated cardboard

dual-layer corrugated cardboard


white cardboard

brown corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard in a roll

corrugated sheet

manufacture corrugated profile "E" "B" "C" "Sun", "EU" in various formats and brands

manufacturer of corrugated cardboard

corrugated cardboard manufacturers in Ukraine

corrugated cardboard from the manufacturer

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the price of corrugated board

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corrugated cardboard from the company kerbos

Three-layer corrugated cardboard from the manufacturer

five-layer corrugated cardboard from the manufacturer

seven-layer corrugated cardboard from the manufacturer

corrugated sheet from the manufacturer

Corrugated cardboard roll from the manufacturer

microcorrugated from producer

production of micro-corrugated cardboard

white cardboard and micro

brown corrugated cardboard and micro

pulp cardboard and micro

corrugated cardboard and micro stamped

printing on corrugated board and micro

manufacturer of corrugated board

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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard - multilayer packaging material for the production of traditional transport containers - durable and lightweight. Is one of the most common materials in the world for use as packaging. For the manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard used, obtained from waste paper, which has a positive in terms of saving resources and protecting the environment.

Corrugated cardboard - practical, cheap and convenient packaging for all types of products: equipment, utensils and everything you want.

Corrugated inexpensive and environmentally friendly material, it is suitable for packing and safe transportation of any goods from bananas and washing powder to porcelain tableware and Drug preparatov.V corrugated boxes, cartons, trays of corrugated cardboard sheet in just packed most of the products that are currently carried by any transport.

Corrugated usually consists of three layers: two layers of flat cardboard (toplaynery) and one layer of paper between them having an undulated (corrugated) shape (fluting). Such a composition of layers makes corrugated particularly hard, has a resistance to both burst and compression to the end.

To improve the physical properties of corrugated cardboard packaging used corrugated board and seven-layer corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated our company is the basis for the production of environmentally friendly packaging and individual packaging for many industries: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and manufacture of glass and glassware, and so on. D. We currently provide are:
- Three-layer corrugated board (two flat and one corrugated layer) gofokarton marks m-21 m-22 m-23 m-24, sections "B", "C" profile and microcorrugated "E".
- Two-ply corrugated board (one flat layer and one corrugated) cardboard grades T-21, T-22, T-23, T-24, profiles "B" and "C".
- Five-layer corrugated board (three flat and two corrugated layers) corrugated grades P-31, P-32, P-33, P-34, P-35, profiles "EU" and "Sun".
- Seven-layer corrugated board (four flat and three corrugated layers) corrugated marks C-41, C-42, C-43, C-44, C-45, profiles "ACC", "ABC", "CCC", "SAF" .

Color coating layers - brown or white.

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Corrugated board

The company "Kerbos" produces three-layer corrugated profile "B", "C", "E". Three-layer corrugated board is made with a specific profile (height of corrugated cardboard and corrugated step "B", "C", "E").

Depending on the intended use shall be carried corrugated particular profile. Profile "B" and "E" is used in a small container that does not require holding a heavy load (three-layer corrugated profile "B" and "E").

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The five-layer corrugated cardboard

Company "Kerbos" produces five-layer corrugated cardboard sheet of white and brown color with starch adhesive, which allows the use of corrugated cardboard packaging from such transportation and storage of food. The maximum width of 2200mm corrugator. (uncut sheet of corrugated cardboard). Large resource base allows us to produce corrugated cardboard in the shortest time.

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The company "Kerbos" produces microcorrugated. Microcorrugated - a three-layer corrugated cardboard thickness from 1.2 to 1.8 mm profile "E" - (micro-corrugated cardboard corrugated cardboard has a classification identification letter "E"), which is due to the smaller thickness than the corrugated profile "B" and "C" and is used for manufacturing individual packing. Mikrogfrokarton used for production of relatively small boxes.

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