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About us Kerbos

The company "Kerbos" is the largest producer of corrugated board, corrugated packaging as well as cardboard packaging in Ukraine. For over 10 years our company has been successfully producing corrugated cardboard and packaging European equipment. A large source of raw materials for the production of corrugated cardboard and packaging allows you to quickly make an ordered packing or gofrolist. Enterprise Kerbos has its own production facilities, which are designed for the production of corrugated board, corrugated containers, boxes and trays for packaging, transport and storage of various products. Equipment for flexographic printing lets you print images for the products up to four colors. Our goal - to do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers in a reliable and quality products made of corrugated cardboard. We pay attention to all the requirements of the customer, execute orders at short notice, we use high quality material, due to this we are a leader in the production of packaging materials. Kerbos produce corrugated cardboard and packaging of high quality that our customers have been satisfied with the quality of our products and continue to cooperate with us throughout his professional activities, creating with the help of our company's image. Our staff is always ready to give an exhaustive answer to your questions about the corrugated packaging, ordering and delivery, as well as the types and range of products. Advice of our specialist will help you if you are having doubts when selecting the material. In addition, our staff will immediately calculate the cost of your order and delivery.

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+38 (051) 271-83-86   +38 (061) 707-97-13
+38 067 612 38 51   +38 067 618 16 79
+38 067 617 56 82    +38 067 618 16 09